• Clients

New Narrative has worked with the world’s top financial and professional services firms and media brands.

Some recent case studies include:

A team at a sovereign wealth fund planning a visit to East Asia urgently required a briefing note on media treatment of inward institutional investment in the region, as well as advice on influential journalists.

In just two days, New Narrative turned in a 3,000-word report full of detail and practical insight that informed subsequent meetings during the trip.

With the closing date for the merger of two listed property companies approaching fast, a new website was needed that combined content from the two companies in a fresh and consistent way.

New Narrative was employed to collate material from both companies, draw up a content plan for the new website, and write the new content – from detailed descriptions of developments to investor relations material. The project was delivered in three weeks.

When a global multimedia company wanted a 1500 word portrait of Asia’s equity markets for its leading financial industry publication, they required a seasoned financial journalist with deep sources in the region’s banking and fund management industry.

New Narrative provided the solution. One of our financial writers reported and wrote the story, while another edited it. The result? The magazine didn’t have to waste time editing raw copy, and the story was published nearly word-for-word as it was delivered.

When an internationally renowned business magazine needed a well researched and stylishly written advertorial to promote a destination on behalf of a government agency, it required an editorial team who understood the culture and attractions of the target country, and that could solicit senior executives for their input.

New Narrative assembled a team, conducted extensive research and interviews, and delivered its findings — in perfectly polished prose form — in just two weeks.







A finance-focused website with global reach required a stream of short and punchy Hong Kong-focused stories with direct relevance to its discerning client base.

As an agency of professional journalists with deep source networks in Hong Kong and Mainland China, New Narrative leapt into action, delivering a series of articles that framed high-impact market developments in unique and insightful ways.

A prestigious international financial publication needed an objective and insightful analysis of India’s troubled economy that broke down its key risks and rewards for a sophisticated audience of professional investors.

New Narrative had the expertise, market sources, and above all, financial journalism experience to present this complex macroeconomic story in an easily digestible format that could form the basis for informed investment decisions.

A major accounting firm wanted to position itself as an authority on a number of emerging issues sweeping the financial sector, such as the rise of social media and anti-money laundering regulations.
Through interviews with senior partners, New Narrative constructed a series of papers designed to capture the attention of industry insiders and highlight the company’s expertise in these areas.
The analysis and advisory arm of a top global media group has turned to New Narrative to produce research reports on a number of specialised topics, including the usage of free trade agreements and the globalisation strategies of small and medium sized enterprises.

Sifting through data and conducting extensive interviews with business leaders, New Narrative delivered exhaustive, carefully argued studies that shed light on these issues with style.